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About Carl

Welcome to Emotional Time. On this site I share ideas on important factors that influence the lives we want to live and create. Let us explore ideas on how do we get to spend more time with our family? Get more vibrant health? And get more rewarding careers?

Carl J de WetI was twelve years old when I was inspired by the early “positive thinking” teachers. I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach over and over again. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was a hit and I was fascinated by his ideas and writings. My journey to pursue the “secrets of success” had started.

My life has had many tough times and many exciting times. From failing my first year at college (university), to breaking through and getting two post-graduate degrees, and more recently part-time lecturing at a college. From an accident as a child that made it difficult to walk, to struggling to train through so many running injuries, to winning some great races. Always my life hopes for the future, and always dreaming about how to create a better tomorrow for myself and others. Through all the pains and pleasures I have held onto my dream to find a path that others can use and copy.

My Journey

My journey seeks to answer the question: Why do some people find success while others work so hard without achieving much. Qualifications help, but still, there are people with Doctorate degrees who struggle while high-school dropouts become world-renowned success stories. Looks help, but there are beautiful people with no long-lasting or satisfying relationships. Living in the right city helps for some, but there are poor people in Manhattan.

My search for an answer includes completing an Honors Degree in Clinical Psychology, and many self-development courses. Currently I pursue the teachings of Theta Healing.

One morning I was in the swimming pool and had just started to swim the laps I had planned for the day when I just stopped. I lacked the energy or motivation to swim any further. I realized that I was in the pool with enough time to swim and was getting out the pool due to a lack of emotional energy. That’s when l discovered that we are so focused on time management to reach our dreams, while at the same time we live in exhaustion as work, and family and social commitments pull us in every direction. The quality time to read and pursue hobbies seems to elude us. I posed the question: “What is more limiting: clock time or Emotional Time?”

My Dream for Emotionaltime.com

Can you honestly reach your goals by continuing to do what you are currently doing? If not, then my dream is to help you discover a habit, attitude or inspiration that will make the difference and open the door to your dreams coming true.

To create something different in our lives we want to DO things differently and BE different. We can DO and BE different by building our inner value because our inner value will influence our family life, health and careers. Higher inner value can ATTRACT success because higher inner value will seek ways to create a balance with our outside world.

The three important areas covered on this site that build our sense of inner value are:

  • Trait Value is about enjoying the journey and the way you express your values.
  • Source Value is a spiritual journey where source energy feeds your emotional energy and clears the blocks in your path.
  • Habit Value focuses on those actions and daily habits that build the road that produces value.

Let us make dreams come true.

Carl J de Wet


A New Understanding of Time and Success


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