Emotional Time

One morning I was in the swimming pool and had just started to swim the laps I had planned for the day when I just stopped. I lacked the energy or motivation to swim any further. I realized that I was in the pool with enough time to swim and was getting out the pool due to a lack of emotional energy. That’s when l discovered that we are so focused on time management to reach our dreams, while at the same time we live in exhaustion as work, and family and social commitments pull us in every direction. Having time to read and pursue hobbies seems to elude us. I posed the question: “What is more limiting: clock time or Emotional Time?”

To take advantage of the time available to us we need emotional energy. This blog is about enhancing our emotional energy and avoid energy leaks?

“Energy leaks?” I hear you ask. As we engage with the people and events of our day a series of thoughts and feelings are stimulated. Some of these thoughts and feelings can generate responses that sabotage our environment, and leave us feeling angry, frustrated and depleted. Being aware and mindful can disrupt sabotaging automatic responses, and we can choose to respond in a way that reveals the best in us. My programs on Meditation & Mindfulness are designed help these situations and release more energy capacity into our lives. The more advanced workshops focus on increasing the vibration of our energy by choosing to live each day in an empowering mood and making creative decisions in that empowering mood.

Building our sense of inner value can play a role in building emotional energy and getting more emotional time. In much the same way that low self-esteem can sabotage success, building a high sense of inner value or self-worth can attract success. Build your inner value using the three building blocks of this site: source value, trait value, habit value.

Source Value

Source Value is about your spiritual journey where source energy feeds your emotional energy and clears the blocks in your path.

Articles on source valuer include:

Trait Value

Trait Value is about enjoying the journey and the way you express your values.

Articles on trait value include:

Habit Value

Habit Value is about those actions and daily habits that that produce value in our lives.

Articles on habit value include: