Habit Value

Habit Value is about those actions and daily habits that that produce value in our lives.

Here are some articles on Habit Value.


WOW Success Factors: The Power of Small Things

We can achieve great success over the longer term by focussing on daily actions and habits. Consistently doing little things over time creates incremental and progressive progress. To read more click  https://emotionaltime.com/emotional-time-habit-value/wow-success-factors


The Road Not Taken Analysis: 3 Ways to Choose

Like a traveller in the woods, what do we do when life throws us two paths and we need to choose one. All to often the paths look similar and there is not enough information to know which is best. How are we going to do the road not taken analysis? Of course, we look down each opportunity as far as we can see, but the difficult decision stays with us.

Perhaps a better question is: What philosophy do we have for our life that helps us choose our path? To read more click https://emotionaltime.com/emotional-time-habit-value/the-road-not-taken-analysis