WOW Success Factors: The Power of Small Things

By Carl J de Wet

Just read this article by James Citrin on LinkedIn, The Life-Changing Power of Small Things. This is a very good article about WOW Success Factors.

wow success factorsTo quote from his opening paragraph: ” There are only 312 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. To be inducted, as a hitter, you have to bat an average of .302. That means for every at bat, over the course of a season, you will get a hit 30% of the time. But here’s the thing: The average major leaguer bats .271, which means that for every at bat, they will get a hit 27% of the time. Over the course of a season of 162 games, the difference between being in the middle of the pack and the best of the best is just 18 hits per year, or one more hit every 17 games! The hall of famers studied, practiced, and worked over time to get that smallest of advantages to get just one extra hit every 17 games. And the results are immortality.”

The article is a great read and discusses how small things we do every day over a long time can change our lives. Here is the link to the article:

This power of doing small things daily is explained by Jeff Olson in his book The Slight Edge. Jeff explains that we can achieve great success over the longer term by focusing on daily actions and habits. Consistently doing little things over time creates incremental and progressive progress.

The book The Slight Edge warns that simple, everyday actions capable of creating wealth and success are “all also easy NOT to do – and while anyone could do them, most won’t”. The reason that most won’t do these is largely because each daily action or habit can appear to be insignificant, and does not seem to make a difference. If we do not do them nobody would notice. But when done consistently over time, these daily actions and habits can produce amazing results.

Here are four WOW Success Factors promoted by James Citrin in his article:


By saving and investing a little money regularly, the power of compound interest, or compounded return on our investment, can turn those small amounts into a material sum of money.


James Citrin mentions the cell phone app called “The 7 Minute Workout”. In other words, 7 minutes of exercise done daily using this program can create remarkable fitness. I have taken his advice and use this app. [I would advise you to ease into the program gently over time, as the exercises are quite difficult especially when done every day.]


James Citrin advises that taking time out at the end of every week to asses what worked and went well, and what did not work. Then choose to make one improvement for the next week.

I do something very similar, and at the beginning of each week I create a plan for the important tasks, or goals, for the week ahead. I find it important to asses my plan and be comfortable that the plan is realistic and achievable.


To quote from the article: “… if you have a burning desire to achieve and accomplish important things, then one of the most powerful ways to do that is through another small thing. Goal Setting.”

IN CONCLUSION, regular good habits are an important part of WOW Success Factors. Regular good habits are an important part of mastery and I have learn’t some very powerful habits from Noah St John. CLICK HERE to learn more.


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