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The Art of Guided Meditations

Date: One-on-one sessions on appointment
Price: R 500
Venue: Joanne Enslin & Ass Physiotherapy, 78 Ballyclare, Riverclub, Johannesburg

STUCK! It is all about having choices

In our lives there are times we feel stuck in careers or relationships. There are also times of change. These times can be full of stress or they can be creative and full of opportunity.
Logically that is our experience. But in reality the world around us has many options. Our thinking processes, and the way we have learned to cope, can block us from revealing the choices open to us.
It is all about having options and choices. And having the freedom to choose a new and attractive path.
Find out more in this workshop:
  • Stories and insights about the importance of clearing sabotaging emotions, and how mindfulness is a great asset.
  • Follow a guided meditation to heal emotions, thoughts and moods that block us.
  • Create an empowering mood and follow a guided meditation to experience that mood.
  • We can create a new way of being by choosing a new mood and making creative decisions in that new mood.
RSVP by contacting Carl at 083 325 0351 or carldew@netactive.co.za


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