How To Believe In You: 5 Ways To Create Support

By Carl J de Wet

Imagine the confidence in going out after that goal while you’re surrounded by people who want you to succeed and who believe you’ll be successful. Believing in yourself is great but surrounding yourself with people who believe in you more than you believe in yourself, well that’s where the real power is.

How to believe in you is an important skill.

Almost every motivational book will tell you that believing in yourself is a good idea. And sure, if you believe in yourself and your dream plus have an I’m ‘in-it-to-win-it’ attitude, then there is no doubt you will do well. So yes, believing in yourself will see you achieve exciting goals.

What if there was something more powerful than believing in yourself? Believing in yourself and others believing in you is a lot more powerful than simply believing in yourself.

When others believe in you, this will then cause you to believe in yourself more intensely.
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Here’s the thing, we never bargain for the big obstacles, the hard knocks and the tough challenges when life happens along the way. Sometimes we fail and then that spectacular self-belief begins to dissipate, to dissolve as quickly as an effervescent energy tablet loses its fizz. In other words, when the goal gets tough, that’s when you need people in your life who believe in you.

Now, just imagine if there is something more powerful that believing in yourself and others believing in you. That is surrounding yourself with people who believe in you more than you believe in yourself. This is really powerful.

How to believe in you?

Here are some ways to attract the people who believe in you, and indeed, believe in you more than you believe in you:

1. Where to find good, supportive and positive people:
• List the skills, beliefs and activities of these people.
• Find where these people hang out. (Include social media in your search.)
• Spend time there and get to know the people.

2.  How do you build relationships with people who believe in you? Here are 4 steps to finding your very own fan club:
• Notice the people who believe in you.
• Notice when they do small things to show their support.
• Notice that these people are adding power to your life.
• When you notice, take a moment to have a ‘thank you’ thought.

3. Having a ‘thank you’ thought is not about actually expressing your gratitude, it’s more about feeling the gratitude and counting it as a blessing in your life.  When you start having ‘thank you’ thoughts, three things start to happen:
• Your support system grows bigger.
• People who believe in you encourage you to begin to notice how much more you can be.
• The environment grows in your favour providing you with more capacity and more emotional energy to take on tasks or challenges.

4. Become part of a group. In historic times being part of a tribe was essential for survival, and groups can provide valuable support.
• Groups hold you to taking action or showing up for practice.
• Groups offer support and a place to share ideas and, in turn, you are part of supporting others to be successful.
• Groups allow you to celebrate successes together.
• And groups often do interesting things that can put fun into your journey to success.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
African Saying

5. Coaching:
• Coaching can be a powerful support. The traditional coach has probably already achieved in your chosen field, and is able to help you develop the required skill set, as well as show you the correct action steps and path to follow to do well. In other words, you can model their success story. As these coaches have done it before and know your goals are possible, they all too often believe you can do it more that you believe you can do it.
• A “life coach” can provide perspective to your plans by creating realistic strategies and goals that suit your profile. These coaches are “accountability coaches” that keep you on track to follow though. And remember to celebrate wins with your coach and have some fun on the way.

How to believe in you is an important skill. Having the support of people who believe in you is a very powerful space, and there are several ways to build a supportive team around you.