Law And Attraction

Although hard work and taking action is a great way to get results, all too often we need an element of luck to attract the event that makes all the difference. When I ask successful people about their road to success they almost always admit that luck played a part. “Being in the right place at the right time” they tell me.

law and attractionThe popular book and movie, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, focused on this key skill … the Law OF Attraction. I believe it is about Law AND Attraction. Let me explain.

The “positive thinking” formula is a good system and works very well when we have a lot of control over the outcome. Essentially the formula requires that you regularly visualize or imagine the result and then get down to hard work. This will definitely work to pass an exam, get a graduation certificate, and win a race.

Making a success of other parts of our lives is a lot more difficult because there are extra skills required along with the positive thinking. For example, EQ skills become important in both relationships and work. And the skill of attraction is important to:

  • Attract partners and meaningful relationships,
  • Attract profitable opportunities and clients, and
  • Attract the logical benefits that flow from these events.


To attract something new into our lives, we want to DO things differently and BE different. We can DO and BE different by building our inner value (or self-worth) because our inner value will influence our family life, health and careers. Higher inner value can ATTRACT success because higher inner value will seek ways to create a balance with our outside world.

This site,, recommends that instead of the “Law OF Attraction” focus on the “Law AND Attraction”. We focus on the LAWS that build inner value AND this process will open up the path of ATTRACTION.

In much the same way that low self-esteem can sabotage success, building a high sense of inner value or self-worth can attract success.

Build your inner value using the three building blocks of this site:

  • Trait Value is about enjoying the journey and the way you express your values
  • Source Value is a spiritual journey where source energy feeds your emotional energy and clears the blocks in your path.
  • Habit Value focuses on those actions and daily habits that build the road that produces value.


May you discover a habit, attitude or inspiration that will make the difference and open the door to attracting and creating the outcome you seek. May the force of attraction be with you.


Carl J de Wet