Does meditation intrigue you? Do you feel that life can offer you more? And that meditation can open the door to a richer, fuller life.

Yes, meditation can!

Meditation is a daily practice that wields its magic in a soft and gentle way. Softly holding the intentions, we create in the daily practice, in a way that guides us to a new way of being. And gently opening windows of opportunity as we travel through the demands of each day.

Unfortunately, this daily practice competes with our already busy days. Therefore, to maintain the daily practice there needs to be a link between the daily meditation and what we want in our lives. We need to experience the meditation as supporting our dreams and goals.

Carl J de Wet

As part of your daily practice:

* Discover that mood is the all-important ingredient. Meditation supports you to move your mood from experiencing a sense of stuck to experiencing your life as a place of opportunity and choice. When life introduces a stressful situation, top performers are able to interrupt sabotaging thoughts and feelings, and move to a supportive mood where they can create a space for inspired thought. Learn how you can also do this using meditation to heal and soothe the stress, and then bring a clarity and peace to your day.

* Learn to SHOW UP AS THE BEST VERSION OF YOU. The meditation needs to include focussing on your intentions for your future and your day. And include focussing on taking daily action towards your goals and dreams.

* Experience a guided meditation as an easy to implement practice.




This is a story about the search for the secret to success. Some people seem to find success without even trying, while others work so hard without achieving much. Qualifications help, but still, there are people with Doctorate degrees who struggle while high-school dropouts become world-renowned success stories. Looks help, but there are beautiful people with no long-lasting or satisfying relationships. Living in the right city helps for some, but there are poor people in Manhattan.

Carl was twelve years old when the early “positive thinking” teachers first reached momentum. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was a hit and Carl was fascinated by these teachings. That’s when he started his own search.

Carl completed his postgraduate Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of South Africa in 1998.

Eventually Carl realized that the problem is not out there. “The problem is in me”. The problem was not with the goals and plans, the problem was with the mood that Carl brought to these goals or plans. He discovered very important teachings that opened the doors to healing the anger and resentment that overpowered everything in his path.

Yes, “the problem was in me”. He practiced a guided meditation daily and added skills from important teachers to this meditation. This daily practice transformed everything around him. As the anger and frustrations started to heal, so too the light started to shine through. Carl started to experience an amazing new reality. Feeling amazing as he awakes in the morning. Cherish that first sip of delicious coffee. Become amazing at the the tasks ahead.

This is such a simple formula that Carl feels inspired to share it with others.



Clive Richard Kaplan

Carl has been a close confidante and mentor for over 20 years. Over the years we have shared our visions and I have learned a great deal from him. I recently attended his workshop and learn’t about the important relationship between meditation and achieving my purpose. He comes highly recommended.


Expert Executive & Business Coaching

I attended two of Carl’s workshops and found them well put together and insightful, helping me understand my role in the things that happened in my life. They also helped me establish a regular mediation practice of my own that continues to pay dividends months later. 


Currency Trader

Meditation Trees

Carl’s coaching has provided me with the tools to realize value from regular meditation. He also inspired me to apply my strengths and skills to other aspects of my life.